American singer-songwriter Talia Hoit, known for her contributions to various symphonic metal bands, has teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere her latest solo music video “Abandon”. The hauntingly emotional piece showcases her classical training and personal songwriting style. More music from Talia is expected to arrive in the future, as her dark and introspective symphonic metal style continues to captivate listeners. 


Talia comments:

When I wrote this song last year, it was not particularly intended to be something I would release, it was just a moment of vulnerability I had at my piano one day where this song unfolded into existence as I was going through something and had a moment of being emotionally overwhelmed and just started playing the keys and saying the words. It became a beautiful poem about letting go of something that had been really important to me but was dying in my life. I’m really grateful to all the amazing people who have helped me bring this music to life to be able to express my art both musically and visually, and to be able to share it with the world.”

Watch the clip below: