Milwaukee-based multi-instrumentalist David Frazer, known for his work with Pillaging Villagers, is gearing up for the release of the instrumental self-titled debut of his project, Cruce Signatus, scheduled to arrive on June 7th. This debut marks the first installment of a four-part series, forming the soundtrack for a feature-length animated anthology. Collaborating with independent animators and illustrators, including those from Heavy Metal Magazine like Vincent Kings & Chris Anderson, the project brings to life the tale of an impoverished knight’s journey during the First Crusade. Cruce Signatus style incorporates a blend of synthwave and metal. Today (8th), Cruce Signatus has teamed up with Metal Insider to share a taste of what’s to come by premiering their new single, “Lus Gladii.”

Frazer comments:

“Lus Gladii is the second track from the upcoming debut album of ‘heavy synthwave’ artist Cruce Signatus. The debut album provides the soundtrack to the first part of an epic, feature-length animated anthology which will span four total releases. This animated anthology, the first chapter of which, Gehenna et Tartareum (see link to animated video here), was released in March 2024, chronicles the tale of an impoverished knight of the First Crusade as he journeys to the Holy Land and wrestles with his grievous sins and the prospect of his damnation. In this second chapter, Lus Gladii (which translates as ‘The Law of the Sword’), the upcoming animation will follow our protagonist as he returns from the spring campaign to extract rents from his fief. His iron fist weighs heavily upon his vassals, as his violent decadent and sinful lifestyle weighs upon his soul. The track features Cruce Signatus’ characteristic blend of synthwave and metal, exemplified by a combination of heavy, crunchy, industrial-influenced riffing and ethereal, continually building synths, culminating in a merging of the two styles. The track represents the distinctive sound that gives Cruce Signatus a unique voice in the world of heavy music.”

Listen to the song below: