Song premiere: Hjortene feat. Valient Thorr’s Valient Himself, ‘180.000 km/t’

Posted by on April 10, 2014

We haven’t heard much from Valient Thorr since the release of last year’s Our Own Masters, which is why we’re extremely excited to bring you a song from Danish band Hjortene featuring guest vocals from Valient Himself. The band’s self-titled first full length album (and third release overall), was recorded in Copenhagen, but Valient’s involvement on the album’s first track, “180.000 km/t,” took some time and correspondence between himself and the band. His actual recording on the song took place in a conference room before Valient Thorr’s most recent show in Copenhagen, and in addition to singing, he also wrote the lyrics.

If you’re a fan of riffy stoner rock, ala Fu Manchu, you’ll be all over Fuzzbomb. The band describe their sound as “like dry wood being chopped with a fuzz pedal set to 11, and an old tube amp puking blood.” They call their brand of music “Lumberjack Rock,” since there aren’t any deserts in Denmark. In case you’re wondering what their name means, Hjortene is Danish for “The Deers.” In fact, until now, all of their songs have been in their native language. This album is sung in both Danish and English. If you like what you hear, head over to the band’s Bandcamp page to hear more.

Hjortene’s self-titled debut is released in Denmark tomorrow (11) on Walden Records.

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