If you’ve been around New York and North Jersey hardcore scene long enough, you undoubtedly know who Full Scale Riot, or at least some of it’s members, are. Formed in 2006 by former M.O.D. guitarist Tim McMurtrie and singer BJ Allen, the band released an EP and played the area before eventually taking a hiatus. They re-emerged in 2014 with a new rhythm section, including Shat’s Jeff Wood on bass and drummer Evan Rossiter, and released the Depopulation EP last year. Today, we bring you “Hope,” taken from their forthcoming full length debut empower, which will be coming out on Eulogy Recordings on November 25th.

Empower features plenty of guests on it the album. “Hope” features a solo from guitarist Marc Rizzo (Soulfly, Misfits), and Murphy’s Law’s Jimmy Gestapo, rock musician Ben Harper, Big Pun’s son, Rapper Chris Rivers and singer Tsarina Romanoff also appear on the album. Here’s what Allen says about the song:

“’Hope’ is a song about humanity being made aware of the games being played in order to control us. The theme of the song in a nutshell is now that we know we’re being played; we must take action united as one people.”

Empower will be out on November 25th on Eulogy Recordings and can be preordered here.