Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta doesn’t pull any punches. So it’s no surprise that when he Tweets, people listen – and respond.

Last night Jasta Tweeted the following:

“All Time Low sold 75,000 albums 1st week while Gorguts new album sold 300. This proves girls buy music while death metal fans buy…. weed?”

About 24 hours later the post that has been retweeted 300+ times, and 500+ favorites.

As Metal Injection points out, there have been some pretty solid death metal releases recently:

“Some bigger death metal releases like Behemoth’s The Satanist sold 10k first week, Cannibal Corpse’s recent album sold 8,800 first week. The only death metal band that comes close is Dethklok’s Dethalbum III which sold close to 20,000 first week. Of course that had the help of having a nationally televised cartoon promoting it.”

Okay, so comparing one pop punk band with underground death metal bands might be a stretch, but it turns out that some other flavors of metal don’t fare as well, either.

Sure, Slipknot’s highly anticipated (and promoted) .5: The Grey Chapter sold 131,800 in its first week. But Marilyn Manson’s, The Pale Emperor could only muster 49,000 sales in its first week earlier this year. Mastodon’s Once More ‘Round The Sun only did 34,050.

But other big names in metal didn’t do nearly as well. All That Remains – who were on the cover of Revolver Magazine earlier this year – sold 19,150 copies of The Order of Things. Back in 2012, Meshuggah’s, Koloss did 18,340 first week, while Testament’s, Dark Roots of Earth did only a little better with 20,500. Last year’s Exodus, Blood In Blood Out only managed to sell 8,750 in first week sales.

Sure, it’s tough for Gorguts to sell 1,000 copies, but some of these other major international metal bands are playing late night TV shows, or they’re on the cover of magazines, and they’re hardly breaking 50,000 in first week sales. Seems like Jasta is onto something.

(via Metal Injection)