Let’s Get To Know Mustaine’s Pony A Little Better, Shall We?

Posted by on March 28, 2012

Back in November, Dave Mustaine showed Spin Magazine his ten most prized possessions. While his top ten included everything from crossbows to shofars, the thing that probably caught most of us off guard was the Megadeth frontman’s miniature horse.

Apparently it caught Spin off guard as well, since they recently caught up with Mustaine again to get a little more back story behind his pony, Rocky. As you may recall, the Mustaine household found Rocky in a junkyard abused and malnourished. “He had a little soul, and we just felt it when we saw him. We knew that he needed our help, you know? His hair was ruined, he was in really bad shape, he didn’t like people. And now he’s the friendliest horse — he’ll come running up to you no matter where you’re at,” Mustaine explained to Spin.

It’s hard to deny that Mustaine has been saying a lot of awkward things in the press lately (a lot, actually). But it’s always nice to see a lighter side to Megadeth’s frontman. You can read Mustaine’s piece on his miniature horse over at Spin’s website.

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