Dave Mustaine for president in 2020? Vegas oddsmakers say it’s a possibility

Posted by on November 9, 2016


Whether you’re mourning the loss of Hillary Clinton or celebrating the victory of Donald Trump, one thing is certain: we’ll get through this, and in 2020, we may well elect a new president. If you’re suffering from election fatigue like we are, you probably don’t want to think about it. However, the oddsmakers at Sportsbettingexperts.com are already handicapping the next President of the United States, and 2020 will be here before we know it, which is kind of scary. Who tops their list? Well, it’s a familiar name, Donald Trump, because who can imagine him giving a concession speech? However, if you go down the list, you’ll see another familiar name: Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine.

Let’s be clear here. Dave Mustaine hasn’t thrown his hat in the ring. And while he covered the Democratic convention in 1992, he chose not to endorse anyone for President this year. Some of his viewpoints have been pretty bizarre in the past few years, like being part of the birther movement, so it’s unclear which party he would run under, if he chose to run. Also, right now his odds are 300-1, so if you’re betting on him being President four years from now, either you really love Megadeth or you have some inside information.

Also, the list, which you can see below, is kind of suspect. Megadeth’s mascot Vic Rattlehead is on the list, and he’s never even made a statement, other than recently being on the cover of Dystopia, which seems strangely fitting today. Even though Kanye West announced his candidacy last year, he has higher odds than Mustaine. And plus, who would think Dave Mustaine would be a good president? No one’s going to elect an angry older white guy with no political experience. Oh wait…

Donald Trump: +150
Mike Pence: +700
Tim Kaine: +1200
Cory Booker: +1750
Andrew Cuomo: +2000
Joe Biden: +2500
Hillary Clinton: +3000
Michelle Obama: +3500
Elizabeth Warren: +4000
Paul Ryan: +4500
Marco Rubio: +5000
Julian Castro: +5000
Amy Kloubchar: +5000
Field: +5250
Michael Bloomberg: +5500
Bernie Sanders: +6000
Evan McMullin: +6500
John Kasich: +6750
Ted Cruz: +7500
Nikki Haley: +9000
Tom Cotton: +10000
Ben Sasse: +10000
Jeb Bush: +12500
Scott Walker: +15000
Rob Portman: +17500
Sarah Palin: +20000
Chelsea Clinton: +25000
Rick Perry: +25000
Dave Mustaine: +30000
Kanye West: +35000
Ivanka Trump: +35000
Steven Colbert: +40000
Ric Flair: +45000
Ken Bone: +50000
James Comey: +55000
Vic Rattlehead: +70000
Caitlyn Jenner: +75000

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