If you’re stealing Rob Zombie’s music, he wants to make it a challenge

Posted by on June 12, 2017

Since Rob Zombie entered the music industry back in the ’80s, the industry has changed quite a bit. From self-releasing White Zombie’s albums in 1985 to the CD gold rush and being signed to a major label, and the industry switching to streaming over physical sales, it’s safe to say he’s seen quite a bit. And given that touring and merch sales have supplanted selling music as a way to get paid, Zombie doesn’t care whether people buy his music so long as they hear it. Speaking to Kerrang!, he challenged potential shoplifters to step it up a notch and steal his vinyl instead: 

“I like making [music]. I’m different than like a lot of people I hear talking. I don’t care if people are buying it. I’m sick of hearing about the old days. Who gives a shit? Talking about CD’s, it’s like you sound like your grandparents talking about CD’s. Drop it, man. Fucking boring topic. Make it—I don’t care if they steal it, whatever they can—I prefer they sneak into the store and steal the vinyl. But if they choose to steal the download that’s OK too. But I challenge you, start stealing the vinyl if you’re gonna steal our music.”

We’d suggest maybe not shoplifting at all, but if Zombie’s encouraging you to, who are we to say no. If you are going to buy his stuff, we recommend you do it here though.

[via Metal Injection]


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