In the past few weeks, North America was graced by a great tour handled by Rotting Christ, Carach Angren and Necronomicon who were originally meant to be the supporting act for Marduk’s postpone tour. When Marduk faced their visa issues, the bands decided to carry on with their plans and, during their route, they stopped by Los Angeles, CA and Metal Insider contributor Alix Vallecillo caught the show to see if the tour was worth it.

Touring has turned into a much difficult task than what already was, and we’re not talking about the usual perils and sacrifices made by every one of your favorite bands to roll to your town, but also on the logistical side. Earlier this year, we received word that Swedish black metal commandos Marduk were planning a run through North America in company of the mighty Rotting Christ, Dutch horror-dealers Carach Angren and Canadian Necronomicon. The news were very well received by the horde of fans expecting to see Marduk and the rest of the package and made their plans to attend the closest show near their city. Sadly, the excitement was tarnished weeks before the tour when Marduk reported having problems with their immigration process and were still expecting an answer on their visas to come into the country.

The ordeal ended with Marduk forced to postpone their anticipated return to North America and the rest of the bands traveling across the country with Rotting Christ at the helm of the tour. While many were disappointed by Marduk cancellation, those loyal to the underground and followers of the extreme decided to still attend the show and enjoy the top-quality tour package.

At the Los Angeles date, the tour buses rolled to The Regent Theater in Downtown LA to prepare the destruction about to take place. The show started early and was initiated by the local support Nokturne who set the right tone for the rest of the night with their black metal chaos. The next band to take the stage was Canadian blackened death maestros Necronomicon. There is a defining confidence in every experienced band that is hard to falsely emulate and that’s exactly what expelled through the stage during the 40 min set they played. Behind dark red lights and shadows, every fan of the seemingly filled venue was attentive of the destruction brought by the trio.

After the lights came back, the increasing attendance was more obvious and it was clear what band many fans were looking forward to see. Carach Angren had recently come across town earlier this year and they played at a considerably smaller venue than The Regent, therefore many were forced to miss their show in February but made sure to catch them this time. With a horror-score as music entrance, the four musicians walked to their positions through a roaring crowd claiming for them. Starting with “There’s No Place like Home,” the venue was treated with their first mosh-pit of the night which continued for the rest of the night with “When Crows Tick on Windows” and “Killed and Served by The Devil.”

After a brief break to switch backlines, some people were heading out of the venue, which made me worried about the final turn out for Rotting Christ. Gladly, there was more people walking into the venue than leaving it, and the show maintain the same energy left by the previous bands.

It’s not hard to understand why some people decided to cancel their plans to attend the show and request a refund after Marduk’s cancellation. But to those who decided to go that route, I would like to express the unmeasurable loss of that choice. Rotting Christ are one of the few true warriors of the extreme metal scene and represent a unique branch of originality and evolution than very few bands have been able to withhold. If you have seen the Greeks in the past, you understand the sheer passion and authenticity the quartet has shown for years.

A set list filled with amazing tracks from the latest Rotting Christ catalog including “Apage Satana,” “In Yumen-Xibalba,” and “Grandis Spiritus Diabolus” but we were also treated with some favorite classics like “The Forest of N’Gai,” “The Sign of Evil Existence,” and “Non Serviam.” By the time the show ended, the feeling of satisfaction by both, the band and the fans, was evident and was proven to be a very successful night for all.

Those who showed hesitation about this show have something to regret as this was an excellent display of aggressive and uncompromised extreme music. While many wanted to see the Swedes destroy the stage, I was more than happy the event turned the way it was because there’s hardly something to match a Rotting Christ leading role and would gladly do it again.