Photos: Russian Circles, Wildhoney, Cloakroom, Brooklyn NY, Saint Vitus 1/8/16

Posted by on January 18, 2016

Having just wrapped up a three-date mini-tour, Russian Circles played two sold-out shows at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus. Metal Insider contributing photographer Sarah Churchill was there and captured some photos and summed up the evening.

Russian Circles took a short break from working on their sixth album at GodCity Studio to play three dates with support from Wildhoney out of Baltimore and Cloakroom, hailing from Indiana. They played two sold out nights at Saint Vitus to a welcoming crowd.

I don’t know what they put in the water in Chicago but it seems most of my favorite bands come from there, Russian Circles and Shellac being at the top. Russian Circles mesmerizes the crowd with their music, which to me feels almost orchestral. Dark, moody lighting seems to fit their complex and hauntingly beautiful sound. Their sixth album is in the works and will drop some time this year. I hope with the album comes another tour, it is hard to get tired of seeing these guys play.



Russian Circles

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