16-Maniac-w-Pig-HeadFans of extreme metal and black metal know that Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway has become a destination for die-hards the world over. Filled with a combination of uncommon performances from underground favorites (Mysticum and Craft being two key ones this year), high-profile headliners and emerging talent spanning death, thrash, folk, doom and black metal, its timing along Easter weekend plays perfectly into Oslo’s reputation as the birthplace of Norwegian black metal.

So when it was announced right before Mayhem’s festival-headlining set this year that former singers Maniac and Messiah would make a return to play some of their old songs alongside current vocalist Attila Csihar, and that co-founding drummer Manheim would take Hellhammer’s place behind the kit for a few songs, it was obvious that this would be a special homecoming. Our friends at Marauder were on hand to get much of it memorialized in photos, when they weren’t dodging flying pig heads. Everything from this show was photographed at Rockefeller in Oslo beginning at midnight on Easter. No fresh churches were burned in the making of this feature.