Static-X Breaking Up? Oh No!

Posted by on June 22, 2010

Apparently rumors have been swirling around the Internet about Static-X being kaput for a little while now. So when frontman Wayne Static was interviewed this past weekend on Uncensored Net Noise, he was gracious enough to fill the world in on the band’s status. As it turns out, there is some truth to the rumors, but gets a little more complicated. You can read Blabbermouth’s transcript, but here is one interesting quote we just had to post:

“Static X has never been a band where the four guys get into a room together and jam and write songs and all that kind of stuff. Here’s the way Static-X has always worked: I write all the songs by myself — totally and completely by myself — I give demos to the other guys, and then they add their parts to it, and then we argue about stuff and compromise and it turns out being Static-X. And so my whole idea was, [with the upcoming Pighammer solo project] I just wanna do it by myself. I write everything myself anyway. So I’m recording everything myself — no compromising.”

He also reveals that bassist Tony Campos is definitely out of the band, offering a possible reason (“I think he’s jealous ’cause I have the hottest wife in the world. Honestly, that’s what I really think.”).  So if Static-X does continue on, it’s up to the “sole creative force” (as Mr. Static refers to himself as) to move forward. Meanwhile, his forthcoming solo project, Pighammer, will have former porn star Tera Wray, or “the hottest wife in the world,” playing bass.

Is the world chomping at the bit for a new Static-X album in 2010? Will Pighammer stick a fork into the band whose singer looks like he stuck a fork into an electrical socket? Will a new version of Static-X feature a bass player that has sucked – literally? Stay tuned for the answers and keep watching As The Wayne Turns…

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