Last year, Dee Snider vented on Twitter about metal t-shirts becoming more of a fashion statement. We’ve seen artists such as Kim Kardashian wearing these trendy shirts who most likely know nothing about the bands. These shirts seem to be available just about everywhere now. For instance, you can purchase a fashionable Guns N’ Roses t-shirt for $17,99 via H&M or an AC/DC shirt for ten bucks at Walmart. While this trend doesn’t seem to end anytime soon, there’s an online store out there that can brilliantly shake things up.

Slightlywrong, is an online store that has slightly wrong quotes/names on them. The site has more than just metal bands as it also consists of hysterical movie alterations and more. Band shirts include “Corn,” “Lamp Bizkits,” “Rage About a Machine,” “Nirvarna – Smells Like Teen Spit,” etc.. Check out the site and purchase a shirt for your fashionable poser friend or stranger and swear by its spelling.