Wondering how much sex King Diamond is having?

Posted by on May 3, 2016

king-largeSix years after triple-bypass heart surgery, King Diamond is undergoing a career renaissance. The Danish singer started playing European festivals a few years later, toured the States in 2014, and was the highlight of last year’s ill-fated Mayhem Fest. Two shows from a tour last year in which he played Abigail in it’s entirety were filmed for a forthcoming DVD, and it can be presumed that he’s working on some new music, which would be his first album since 2007’s Give Me Your Soul… Please. But enough about that – you’re probably wondering about the 59 year-old’s sex life. Metal Hammer recently caught up with King and he decided to overshare about how things are going in the bedroom:

“I gave up smoking after my heart scare, my wife keeps me on a strict diet that I follow completely, and doctors are amazed at how healthy I am these days. Honestly, I think I am now healthier than I have ever been. I’ve also found that, since I made a real effort to have a healthy lifestyle, my voice has improved so much. I can now hit notes that were a struggle for me when I was younger. As for my sex life, that’s just great now. And I am not saying that because my wife is sitting next to me!”

Hey, congrats King! It might have something to do with the fact that his wife, Livia Zita, is only 31. Elsewhere in the article, he was asked about who he would vote for. While he’s eligible to vote, he says that he’s not going to, since there isn’t a candidate that represents what he wants. He also doesn’t really want to talk about his political beliefs. He does make a point about the two party system, though:

In Denmark, you have thirteen or more political parties, so it’s not too difficult to find a party who reflect your views. Coalitions happen all the time, and there’s a decent percentage that will be represented. In America, though, it’s a two-party system, and that’s bad because they spend much of the time disagreeing with each other for the sake of casing arguments. If one patty suggests doing something, you know the other will automatically argue against that. So, what chance is there for a reasonable representation?”

He also says that as far as religion is involved, he has his own beliefs, and while they’ve been said to be Satanic, he says he’s never joined any Satanic church. The whole article is an interesting read, so check it out here.

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