Witherfall announce Tempest Red Blend wine

Posted by on March 31, 2020


Whether we’re still in lockdown or celebrating that this pandemic will (hopefully) be over soon, Witherfall has announced a brand new blend of red wine will be available on May 1st. The group has partnered with one of their favorite California wineries, Carlie & Echo, for their own limited edition of Tempest Red Blend Wine. Shipping for the wine starts on May 1st. However, you can purchase your bottle now at this location.


The group explained:

“With the amount of red wine that various members of Witherfall consume on a daily basis, it is only fitting that we partnered up with one of our favorite California Wineries Charlie & Echo to introduce our very own Witherfall ‘Tempest Red Blend’. Witherfall vocalist Joseph Michael met with Charlie & Echo chief Eric Van Drunen during an event and sampled some of the wines,” states Witherfall about the announcement. During these apocalyptic times, with everyone now shuttered inside, the best way we can think of to cope and escape the madness is to become comfortably numb with a nice bottle of ‘Tempest Red Blend’ accompanied by attractive company and your favorite Witherfall tracks spinning in the background.”


Frontman Joseph Michael comments:

“I was instantly in love with the dark variety of reds i sampled. They perfectly matched my palate. We spoke for a few months and finally we are able to bring you this collaboration.”


Charlie & Echo winemaker, Eric Van Drunen adds:

 “We were thrilled when Witherfall approached us about teaming up on a wine, and we’re really pleased with the Tempest Red Blend that we’ve created. A blend of Petite Sirah, Syrah, Nebbiolo and Zinfandel, it exudes depth, complexity and richness, while maintaining a melodic vibrancy. The wine was made completely naturally from a vineyard farmed using only organic methods, so there’s an honesty to it that I think reflects the values of the music.”


We’ve known for a while how much Witherfall members enjoy wine, which was only a matter of time until they released something delicious like this. The group is currently working on a follow-up to 2018’s A Prelude To Sorrow, which is one of the albums we’re looking to (hopefully) see this year.




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