Virgin Trains use Carnifex song in new ad and they’re not happy about it

Posted by on September 15, 2017

Commercials and advertisements are everywhere. Over the years, they have grown in entertainment value adding explosions, generaly nonsense, and hey, rock and metal tunes. Car commercials have used classic rock hits from Queen, Wal-Mart united Whitesnake and superheroes and Janis Joplin went perfectly well with Mercedes-Benz. And we can’t forget that time when the 80s raided Radioshack. With that said, we tend to forget about the legalities and why the music is placed at certain points.

A Virgin Trains ad recently used a Carnifex song, “Answers In Mourning” and mislabeled them as thrash metal. Not to mention, they were used negatively as the “bad” side of not taking a Virgin Train to work (although the “good” side was represented by Spandau Ballet’s “True,” an ’80s soft rock song, so…). Additionally, it appears the death metallers didn’t see receive any payment for them using their song.

“Love it when everyone makes money on our music except the people who wrote, recorded and performed it. Anyone else see this ad?”


Check out the Twitter battle below:



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