Ukrainian metal outfit Jinjer have canceled all U.S. shows in March and April, including their scheduled participation in the “Knotfest Roadshow.” First, on Wednesday, March 2nd, The Factory venue in Chesterfield, Missouri, where a March 13 performance by the band had been scheduled, released the following statement:

“It is with great sadness that Jinjer have been forced to cancel their upcoming US tour dates. As the band and their families reside in Kyiv, their focus is on the safety of their families and their country. We all hope for a quick and peaceful resolution. All refunds will be processed automatically within 30 days of cancelation. In light of these events and to do our part in supporting the overwhelming humanitarian effort that is underway in Ukraine, #TheFactorySTL is making a donation of $5,000 to the United Hatzalah. Our gift towards United Hatzalah’s Ukraine emergency response will ensure that those trapped in the war zone and refugees fleeing the Ukraine will be treated by a team of professional, caring volunteers who are well-stocked with emergency medical equipment and prepared for any eventuality.”

Meanwhile, Jinjer bassist Eugene Abdukhanov has told BBC News that he has abandoned his day job to concentrate on the immediate humanitarian crisis. He is currently establishing a charity “to help the military, to help the civilians” and will soon join his friends in running a shelter providing “food supplies, water [and] protection” for people displaced by the conflict.

As for how the Jinjer fans have reacted to the Ukraine invasion, Eugene said:

“I received some texts from our Russian fans, apologizing and saying they’re definitely against this. I didn’t receive any angry texts from the Russian side, trying to justify this. Even though some people have this militaristic position, they’re ashamed enough not to mention this to me.”

Jinjer have officially confirmed the cancellation of their U.S touring plans and released new merch designs to help raise funds to support their country. 100% of proceeds earned from these designs will be distributed directly to charity organizations of Jinjer’s choosing and the group will update their listeners on social media.

Abdukhanov comments:

“Thank you all for your concerned messages and prayers sent to us over the last week, we may not answer but we are reading them and they mean the world to us. As you know, there is war raging through the streets and cities of Ukraine right now. Many people have little or no food or water and are very afraid of what tomorrow may bring. Together with Napalm Records, we’re releasing two new T-Shirt designs to raise funds to be donated to various charities throughout Ukraine to help with medical and food supplies, water and so on. If you cannot donate then please share this or any news related to what’s really happening here. Each sale may save somebody’s life in Ukraine. Thank you.“ 


Late last month Abdukhanov released a video message in which he condemned Russia’s invasion of his country, saying:

“…this war cannot be justified by anything. Hello, the whole world. I’m speaking to you from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, which is now under the siege of Russian troops. It’s five o’clock in the afternoon [on February 26th]. First of all, all members of JINJER who are currently in Kyiv are relatively safe and okay, as much as it is possible during these dark days. Secondly, we appreciate all of our fans worldwide for showing the solidarity with us and our country for opposing the barbarism of war which was started by Putin here in Ukraine on the 24th of February. I would like to speak to all the people of the civilized world, all our fans, all music fans, all metalheads worldwide, no matter where you’re from, especially if you’re from Russia,” he continued. “This war cannot be justified by anything, no matter what propaganda says. No one deserves what we are going through now here in Ukraine. The innocent people of Ukraine are suffering. I’m not talking about politicians; I’m not talking about our government. The innocent people of our country are suffering… All the people of Kyiv are spending their days and nights in the shelters in basements. Children are spending their days and nights in the shelters. They are scared. They don’t have proper food. They don’t have enough water. They don’t have any comfort. Do they deserve this? Please spread the word about Putin’s aggression. Together we can stop this.”