Trivium announce upcoming livestream shows from ‘The Hangar’

Posted by on November 30, 2021


Trivium have announced two livestream shows set for December. Both events will occur in “The Hangar,” the band’s new base of operations in Orlando, Florida. Trivium had a hugely successful streamed event entitled “A Light Or A Distant Mirror” in 2020, and this year they plan to top it. Marking the 10-year anniversary of the release of the band’s critically acclaimed album, In Waves, the unveiling of “The Hangar” is just a part of the celebration.

There will be the release of a new Hangar website portal, which is where the events will be broadcast from. This will be the online home of “The Hangar,” and serve as ground zero for future Trivium events, merch drops, or other online events. “The Hangar – In Waves” is slated for Saturday, December 11, with Fit for an Autopsy as the pre-show. “The Hangar – Deadmen & Dragons” will happen Saturday, December 18, also with Fit for an Autopsy as the pre-show.

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy commented:

“‘In Waves’ is hailed as one of the greatest TRIVIUM albums of all time. While TRIVIUM has the greatest supporters on earth, The Shogunate is also incredibly passionate on their decision of the best classic record. The fanbase always seems to be resoundingly split on three albums when it comes to speaking of ‘the best’: ‘Ascendancy’, ‘Shogun’ and ‘In Waves’.”

He continued:

“‘In Waves’ is an album where TRIVIUM embarked on a journey to a new world of sounds, textures, feelings, and visuals. ‘In Waves’ was the moment where TRIVIUM finally, truly realized everything of its visuals. The ‘In Waves’ album changed the course of history for TRIVIUM, and its influence and impact is vastly apparent in the current modern metal scene.”

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto said:

“‘Deadmen & Dragons’ is the celebration of the last two years — two albums, The Hangar, ‘The Metal Tour Of The Year’, and, of course, ‘A Light Or A Distant Mirror’,”  “The moment we knew that touring was off the table in 2020, we shifted focus back to the creative process. This stream is the closing of this unexpected chapter of TRIVIUM and the beginning of a new one full of many exciting possibilities with The Hangar.”

Now through Wednesday, December 1, tickets for both shows will be on sale for $20. From Thursday, December 2 through Tuesday, December 14, tickets for both shows will be $25. Fans can enter to win a guitar from The Hangar Vault when they purchase a ticket to the livestreams.

Virtual GA tickets for one show will be $15. Both shows will feature an in-stream chat and a 72-hour, video-on-demand replay function. Meet-and-greets are also available.




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