Yes, this is a brand new Tool update. While we’ve already shared how many albums have been sold since the group’s music has been made available on streaming services as well as their new song, “Fear Inoculum” being the longest track to hit Billboard’s Hot 100, there’s more. Tool continue to dominate the charts as they are now the first band to have their music fill up all 10 slots on Billboard’s Rock Digital Song Sales chart

Top ten tracks are as follows:

01) Sober

02) Fear Inoculum

03) Schism

04) Forty Six & 2

05) Stinkfist

06) Ænima

07) The Pot

08) Vicarious

09) Lateralus

10) Prison Sex

Out of 25 songs, there are 15 Tool songs as the others include:

“Eulogy” at #12, “Parabola” at #13, “Jambi” at #15, “H.” at #16, and “Opiate” at #21.

While Panic! At the Disco and Ed Sheeran appear on the same chart, KoRn’s new single “Cold” lands at #19 and Slipknot’s latest single “Birth of the Cruel” lands at #22.