Promoter burns Otep merch, Amerakin Overdose shares “Otep Sucks” T-shirts

Posted by on June 30, 2017

Recently, Otep and Amerakin Overdose entered a social media battle. However, things are now getting a bit physical. For $5, you can purchase your own “Otep Sucks” and/or “Fuck Otep” T-shirt. The “local band of Momos” proudly supports these T-shirts after sharing a video of Travis Wurm Wiggins, a local show promoter, burning an Otep shirt. AO posted a photo on their Facebook with a text reading, “From the Anal Gland of Local Music.”

There’s been a handful of back and forth instances, when we see frontwoman Otep Shamaya venting on her Twitter, claiming they support local bands by stating, “we respect those who act like professionals.” Additionally, the frontwoman has received a lot of backlash since they kicked The Convalescence out from the rest of their tour. There’s just a few days left for this trek, and we can only assume we will see more of these T-shirts floating around.

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