Spite’s Darius Tehrani replaces Attila’s Chris Fronzak in new deathcore supergroup The Big Six

Posted by on January 4, 2023


The new deathcore supergroup The Big Six, who have been working on their debut EP, have now encountered a lineup change. Attila frontman Chris Fronzak announced yesterday (3rd) that he will leave the project. The singer shared a video on his Instagram to officially announce his departure. Meanwhile, The Big Six shared on their brand new Instagram page that Spite vocalist Darius Tehrani will be his replacement.


Fronzak shared the following:

“…I’ve had an amazing time with The Big Six. This project has blown up way bigger than any of us could have ever anticipated. However, between Attila, my personal endeavors and my family life, I don’t really have the time or effort to focus on this project anymore, and I do not want to hold the guys back. So, I’m announcing that I will be stepping down from The Big Six, and I just want to say that I genuinely appreciate all the support from everyone out there, it means the world to me and I love you guys. So support the boys in The Big Six and look forward to a great year with me and Attila…”


The Big Six added:

“Announcement: We are incredibly excited to announce @dariusspite as a new member of The Big Six! Darius will be stepping in for Fronz and we are very excited for the future. Please give him a warm welcome and stay tuned for additional tracks and news!”


The Big Six lineup:

Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos 

Fit For An Autopsy’s Joe Badolato 

Spite’s Darius Tehrani 

Left To Suffer’s Taylor Barber 

Infant Annhilator’s Dickie Allen 

Traitors’ Tyler Shelton


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