Soulfly split with guitarist Marc Rizzo

Posted by on August 9, 2021


Max Cavalera announced on his streaming Facebook show “Max Trax,” that Soulfly has let guitarist Marc Rizzo go due to personal reasons. Watch the episode of “Max Trax” down below. Cavalera went on to announce that longtime friend and Fear Factory guitarist and founder Dino Cazares will be playing guitar on the upcoming Soulfly tour, which kicks off August 20th in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Max said this near the end of his show,

“Right now, for the tribe, I wanna address something that is going on with Soulfly. Of course, it’s about Marc Rizzo. He did not leave the band. We decided to part ways with him due to personal reasons. I wish Marc the best on his career. I wanna thank Marc for the 18 years with Soulfly.”

Max went on to say:

“I’m very excited that we are bringing our friend Dino to play guitar with us on the next US tour. The show must go on. Dino is an O.G. riffmaster.”

Be sure to watch the show for the entire quote.

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