Snipe City: A weekly hockey column from 36 Crazyfists’ Brock Lindow

Posted by on January 6, 2015

brockeyWelcome to Snipe City, a weekly column looking at hockey from 36 Crazyfists singer, Alaska native and huge hockey fan Brock Lindow.

In my neck of the woods, or better yet, in the confines of my mind, the constant checking of scores and rattling the cages of my best friends about their beloved hockey teams has been one of the most consistent past times in my life. 

 Here’s the deal, I’m a lifelong Philadelphia Flyers fan and with that comes with a blitzkrieg of hate from other adoring hockey fanatics. Each year, I truly believe this is the “year” the Stanley Cup will be hoisted in the City of Brotherly Love and this year has been no different. Currently on a five game skid, though, the boys, frankly, look awful. So, let’s move away from my boys and dive into the league:

My hometown hero has to be the highlight of the league right now — Mr. Scott Gomez, the New Jersey Devil, who is currently on fire and coming off a four-point night against Philly, only to be outshined by the league’s oldest player —that’d be Jaromir Jagr— and his hat trick.

“Gomer,” as we call him, in my opinion, has been the best playmaker in the league since “The Great One,” aka Wayne Gretzky, would set up shop from behind the net on a nightly basis in what was referred to as his “office.” Yes, my friends, my boy Gomer is that sick!

 The last few years hadn’t been as productive for him as he became a bit of a suitcase and had been grinding it out in Montreal, San Jose, and Florida, only to come full circle and come back to where it all began for him in New Jersey, where he won two Stanley Cups and was the NHL’s Rookie of the Year. It has been awesome to see some of the hockey “experts” eat a little crow and publicly apologize to the man about slagging him off in the press and give him the respect and credit that is due.

 Moving right along… I caught a bit of the World Junior Championship tourney that is currently going on and the hockey is pretty dang nasty. Unfortunately, our boys in the red, white and blue suffered losses from Canada and Russia, and were eliminated from tournament play. Our Canuck brethren will be in the ‘ship against Russia, so I guess I’ll pour myself a Molson and root for my neighbors.

 Lastly, I heard a couple years ago that Rob Zombie was making a film about the ’70s era Philadelphia Flyers aka The Broad Street Bullies. As a fan of Zombie’s horror films, I was a little confused about the association he had with my boys, but at the same time, I was super stoked to see that he was wanting to bring these danglers to the big screen.

 Now here’s where I need to get the word out: I doubt very highly there is a band out there that loves the Flyers as much as we do, so let it be known, Rob, let me play Dave “The Hammer” Shultz!!!! I mean, c’mon are you kiddin’ me? That would be unreal, and to answer the question, no, I can’t act but I can throw a few haymakers for you.

Well, the pond is calling for a lil’ shinny, looking to go bardown on a few 8-year-olds…  Keep your head up,


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