Slipknot figures are now available

Posted by on January 11, 2016

If you’ve already picked up all five of Slipknot’s albums, Halloween masks, their DVDs, and everything else available, you’re probably hoping there’s something else you can collect nine of to satisfy your Slipknot thirst. If you’re a German fan of the band, then you’re in luck, as the band’s merch store over there is offering Slipknot figures. Or maybe they’re not. Theprp initially found the figures (not figurines – they’re not posable) on their site, and while they’re listed, it doesn’t show them as available. At least there are supposedly versions of Jay Weinberg and Allessandro Venturella available, so they’re getting cred and respect one country at a a time. There’s no word on if or when they’ll be available in America, but if they sell well there, then it would make sense to bring the Staramba-created figures over here.


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