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Do you like Opeth enough to buy 3D-printed figures of them?

Posted by on March 8, 2017

  Over the years, Opeth have made some striking music, haunting in it’s imagery. The band’s artwork has been pretty solid over the years as well. How big of a fan are you though? If you like them enough to buy 3D printed figures of the band, then you’re in luck, because for some reason, […]

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Nine Inch Nails making a mess with physical version of EP

Posted by on March 2, 2017

As streaming continues to inch towards becoming the medium of choice for most music consumers, getting a physical release of something is increasingly becoming a joyless exercise, with CDs coming in cardboard sleeves with minimal liner notes. It’s no wonder that vinyl continues to sell. However, if you ordered the physical version of Nine Inch […]

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Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC get their own Garbage Pail Kids

Posted by on August 31, 2016

Judging from musical trends, everything is cyclical. Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids trading cards are another example of this. Originally launched in 1985 to capitalize on the then-dominant Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, the series were pretty much a parody of the popular dolls, which led the creator to sue Topps. There have been several different runs of […]

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War Machine’s Ro Kohli talks metal, marketing; win Lemmy 70th bday poker chips

Posted by on June 13, 2016

Ro Kohli has been in the entertainment industry for the past 20 or so years, first working in publicity, then in street marketing, where he headed up Roadrunner’s street team and did tour marketing. He initially started his own company, War Machine Marketing, as a street marketing company. However, the recession found the labels that had […]

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Slipknot figures are now available

Posted by on January 11, 2016

If you’ve already picked up all five of Slipknot’s albums, Halloween masks, their DVDs, and everything else available, you’re probably hoping there’s something else you can collect nine of to satisfy your Slipknot thirst. If you’re a German fan of the band, then you’re in luck, as the band’s merch store over there is offering Slipknot […]

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