Well, this was inevitable. Tired of the same old-same old halloween costume? Yeah, we get it, you’re a zombie.  Great, you’re a sexy Donald Trump. Whatever. If you’re a metal fan of a certain age, you’ve probably thrown on an orange jumpsuit and a mask and gone as a member of Slipknot with a friend of 8. Now you can officially do it. Slipknot are selling face masks of their current incarnation. Prices range from $32 to $60, depending on the complexity of the masks. If you’re going bargain basement, Mick’s is probably the most iconic-looking. Of the three $60 ones, the spiky Craig one is probably the  best. There’s no reason why you’d want to buy one from the new guys. Both Allessanddro Venturella and Jay Weinberg’s masks are generic and interchangable. What’s even worse is that they’re not even named on the page, just “bass” and “drums.” Even behind a mask, they remain anonymous.

At any rate, most of the masks look well-designed and creepy enough that even a non-Slipknot fan could probably rock most of them without someone calling you out as a Slipknot member (well, with the exception of Sid, Chris and Corey, anyway. You can pick them up here.

[via theprp]