Slayer receives their own limited edition bottle of Jägermeister

Posted by on May 23, 2019

Jägermeister has honored Slayer by creating them their own limited edition bottle of Jäger. The bottle features unique Slayer artwork and comes in box with an engraved message:

“For the last 40 years, Slayer have reined as the kings of thrash. Uncompromising, their sonic assault has been relentless and their approach to music and life has won them hordes of dedicated metal heads around the world. Slayer follow no one. Setting their own path and dedicating themselves to dark and fast music that shows no mercy. Finally, the masters of metal have decided to call it a day and embark on their farewell tour. We want to thank Slayer for the trail they’ve blazed through music and also the fans for supporting Slayer and being a part of history.”

Guitarist Kerry King expressed his excitement and felt honored to held in such high regard.

“We’ve had some good times with Jägermeister through the years. we love that they’re creating a limited-edition bottle to recognize the end of our journey and it looks awesome. I’m honored that our friends at Jägermeister hold us in such high regard. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.”

Jägermeister UK’s music manager Tom Carson mentioned how this special bottle is to celebrate their 40 year legacy.

“We have enjoyed a longstanding friendship with Slayer. They’re legends who have slayed the game for almost 40 years. Releasing a special-edition SLAYER bottle is our way of celebrating their legacy.”

This Slayer edition Jägermeister is  limited to 500 copies, so make sure to grab a bottle here.

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