Sister Sin frontwoman poses in Penthouse

Posted by on January 15, 2015

sistersinpenthouseSister Sin released their fifth studio album, Black Lotus, last year, but there are going to be quite a few people that are going to hear about the Swedish band for the first time. That’s because the band’s frontwoman, Liv Jagrell, has posed for Penthouse. Keep your pants on, guys, she doesn’t actually appear nude in the magazine. Jagrell spoke to Decibel about her decision to pose for the infamous skin mag.

Our label, Victory Records, has a very good relationship with Penthouse—they do a lot of interviews with Victory’s bands in the music section. So, they asked Victory which artists are releasing an album soon. Victory told them about Sister Sin and that the singer is female. That’s how Victory got interested. I think Penthouse would’ve done just an interview like they did with the other bands, but they asked me to do some pictures that would be just for Penthouse instead of using older band pictures. But from the beginning, I said it would have to be classy. And the interview is about Sister Sin, not me personally. So, it’s classy pictures that I could put up anywhere.

In the pictures, Jagrell is wearing a dress made of steel, a leather jacket, lingerie and a “one-piece lace thing.” Lagrell, who was an alternative model in the past, has posed nude before, but she says they were “artistic.” By that, she means “I had two heads and things like this.” Those appeared in a Swedish photography magazine. At the time of the interview, she hadn’t told her parents about appearing in Penthouse yet. If you haven’t checked out our exclusive photos of the band’s “Chaos Royale” yet, check that out here.

[Decibel, photo via Penthouse]

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