Rammstein’s Lindemann detained in Russia this past weekend

Posted by on August 30, 2021



Till Lindemann, vocalist and frontman of German metal powerhouse Rammstein, was detained and held for questioning in Russia this past weekend. Till, who was scheduled to perform at the Maklarin For The Motherland festival in Tver, Russia, was blocked by authorities and not allowed to rehearse for his upcoming show. The issue stemmed from concerns over large gatherings amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Lindemann’s performance was ultimately cancelled in a move thought to be politically motivated.

It seems Lindemann’s manager misrepresented his reason for entering the country as tourism related, not concert related.

Festival promoter and businessman Maxim Larin is also the head of the local beer holding company “Afanasy.” Lindemann was invited to play the anniversary of the holding company but authorities were concerned about Covid safety and concert capacity.

Larin had this to say,

“It is a pity that the holding’s anniversary and mine were enveloped in politics and everything was destroyed.”

Larin added,

“The festival in full, as we tried to organize, we are unable to do it due to the decision and physical obstacle of the authorities. Today and yesterday we were shown this.”



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