In the ’70s, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were known as the “Toxic Twins” for their excessive drug and alcohol use. They’ve since cleaned up and made music that wasn’t as amazing (puns!) as their early material, but now there might be a new duo to replace them. We’re talking about Scott “Wino” Weinrich from Saint Vitus and The Obsessed and Nick Oliveri, who’s logged time in Queens of the Stone Age. The two have joined forces with drummer Joey Castillo, also of QOTSA, to form Royale Daemons. The band will play their first-ever show this coming Sunday (18) at The Complex in Glendale, CA.

We bring up Wino and Oliveri’s past because it keeps following them. In fact, the last time we heard from Wino, he was getting deported from Norway after being caught with meth. In Mid-November, a week after he was sent back to the United States, he issued a statement that he was in treatment. Oliveri has had his own battles in the past. In fact, a few years ago, he was looking at 15 years in prison after a four-hour standoff with a that involved domestic violence and cocaine possession. Wino and Oliveri are two very talented musicians (as is Castillo). Here’s hoping that they can keep their demons (no pun intended) at bay and be a two-person support system in their new project. And here’s also hoping that the music Royale Daemons makes is as quality as the bands that its musicians come from.

[via theprp]