Pyrrhon dropped by Relapse Records

Posted by on March 12, 2015

Well, that escalated quickly. Pyrrhon, the technical death metal band from New York City, released The Mother of Virtues just last year on Relapse Records (we even did a give away). Barely a year later and the band has announced a break-up with Relapse and they’re readying their next album with a new label.

Pyyrhon detailed exactly why Relapse ended things in a Facebook post:

“The bad news is that Relapse Records have terminated their contract with Pyrrhon and will not be working on our next LP. The given reason for their decision was that The Mother of Virtues has not proven commercially successful, which will surely come as a major shock to anyone who’s heard it.”

The band is now working with Handshake Inc., who will be putting out the band’s new five song EP on June 2nd, titled, Growth Without End.

Pyrrhon Growth Without End track listing:

1. Cancer Mantra
2. Forget Yourself
3. The Mass
4. Viral Content
5. Turing’s Revenge

Pyrrhon growth without end 650

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