As Baroness continue to gain popularity with each album, the Relapse band seem to be following the lead of another Relapse band, Mastodon. That’s not to say that they’re about to leave Relapse, and now we know their guitarist, Pete Adams isn’t about to either. His band Valkyrie has signed to the label for an album coming out early next year. Adams’ brother Jake is on the band, who like Pete, sings and plays guitar in it. Alan Fary (Earthling) on bass and Warren Hawkins on drums round out the lineup. Together since 2002, the band have released two full lengths, some EPs and singles, but just recently recorded their first album in over 7 years with Sanford Parker. Here’s what Jake had to say about the new album, which is untitled for now:

“We are really excited about this new record. Some of these songs we have been working on for many years and we are glad to see them have a proper release on an excellent label. This new record will be a step up in terms of song dynamics and musicianship from the previous albums. We think our fans will dig the fresh approach to the classic Valkyrie sound.”

Pete’s keeping himself busy, as it’s just been announced that he’ll be playing with Samhain this (dirty black) summer. If you want to get caught up with the band, you can do so via their Bandcamp page.