Phil Anselmo shares photos of hurricane Ida devastation

Posted by on September 7, 2021


Phil Anselmo, once vocalist of the legendary Pantera, shared photos of his Louisiana home on his Instagram. The photos show massive flooding around his home with the caption, “September 2nd 2021 – aftermath of hurricane Ida #hurricaneida #ida.” Hurricane Ida made landfall in the southern section of Louisiana creating devastating rainfall and flooding in the area before it headed north to terrorize Mississippi and Alabama. The death toll holds at 9 but authorities fear that that number will climb with receding flood waters. Ida has been compared to Katrina who holds the fourth spot as most devastating hurricane to make landfall in the US. Ida is now number five on that list.

Anselmo, who survived Katrina had this to say in a 2005 interview about that nightmare,

“I was stuck in a hotel room for two and a half weeks in Houston, Texas, with my Rottweiler, my other dog, and this cat I’ve had since 1992 or something. I wasn’t even sure he was going to make it because of the trauma, but he’s a tough bastard.” He added, “I was surrounded by all sorts of different people from New Orleans, who were working class, earning week-to-week salaries just to buy groceries and pay rent, and everything that had was gone. Just to think about the city, its culture, its characters, just the bands that have come out of here over the last 20 years, scattered and literally washed away.”

Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by hurricane Ida.


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