Ousted fan crashed car into club during P.O.D. show

Posted by on September 24, 2021


Two people are in custody for their involvement in crashing a car into a nightclub where P.O.D., From Ashes to New, and All Good Things were performing. Birmingham Police say that the suspects allegedly drove their car into the Zydeco Bar Tuesday night and then fled the scene. Witnesses said the driver was kicked out of the bar earlier in the night. One person sustained minor injuries. The pair have since been arrested.

From Ashes to New vocalist, Matt Brandyberry, shared a video on his social media. In the post he said:

“Apparently, what happened was this dude got kicked out of our show tonight. And I guess he got mad at the security guard for doing that. I guess they got into a fight and, from what I’m hearing, someone pulled a gun — security pulled a gun or something like that — and they got into a fight. And then this dude left… I guess what ended up happening was after he left, he came back with his car and he tried to run the security guard over. … This dude ran his fucking car into the bar, into the club. … I guess he must’ve hit the security guard, but the security guard seems fine; he’s bleeding, but he seems like he’s fine. But the dude who’s driving the car is mangled. The dude is, like, all messed up.”

P.O.D. is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its 2001 megs hit, “Satellite,” which delivered to the masses the iconic “Alive” and “Youth Of A Nation.”

The band is in the midst of a 38 city tour.

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