Oli Herbert signed will one week before death

Posted by on January 14, 2019

This past Friday (11th), Oli Herbert’s widow Beth issued a statement on the Official Oli Herbert Facebook page to address trespassers were spotted poking around the pond where her husband was found dead. Sometime between her initial report and this morning (14th), if you look back on Herbert’s official Facebook page, you will notice everything that’s been posted after the All That Remains guitarist’s death has been hidden, removed, or deleted. While this could be due to the ongoing police investigation citing his death as suspicious, we must say we’re a bit wary on the sudden removals.

With that being said, The Hartford Courant has reported police have examined an 11-page will that was signed by Oli a week before his death at the Valenti Hartford dealership on Leibert Rad. The will was notarized on October 9th by one of Beth and Oli’s friends as well as Alexander Mandel, who works at the dealership.

The Courant reported that Mandel mentioned he didn’t know who they were and noticed Oli didn’t say anything and that the couple had two Corgis with them.

The weirdness saga continues as Manchester attorney Anthony Spinella who represents Beth has mentioned she initially allowed the state police to investigate and search the premises of the couple’s home. However, things seemed to have changed as further requests must be run by Beth’s attorney.

A lifetime insurance policy was written in the will. Additionally, Beth was written as executor and sole benefactor and should receive all property as well as current or future earnings. It addressed that under no circumstances Oli’s sister, Cynthia Herbert, would become executor or receive anything from his estate. The will was filed in probate court in late December. According to the Hartford Courant, there was no attorney signature on the will nor any indication of it being reviewed by any legal representatives.

Unfortunately, the oddities continue circling the death of Oli Herbert as we are once again, left with more questions than answers. Late last year it was also reported that Oli’s home may soon be on the foreclosure market. We hope there will be answers sooner than later to the ongoing mystery surrounding Oli’s death.


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