Though Nick Oliveri joined Queens of the Stone Age on stage back in 2014, a full scale reunion with the band doesn’t seem likely. In a recent interview with Hot Press, Oliveri discussed a technical detail that might be impeding the holding up the whole situation.

Said Oliveri:

“I figured out the reason why there probably won’t be a reunion of Queens is that I own 47 percent of the name. Why would you let somebody come back that had that? I’d have to sign away that 47 percent and I’d be a hired gun. I really don’t want to be a hired gun just to be in the band again.”

Speaking of guns (ahem,) Oliveri was involved in a stand off with a SWAT team in 2011, but cut a deal to avoid jail time. Despite these legal troubles, Oliveri did some backing vocals on the last Queens of the Stone Age album …Like Clockwork, which came out in 2013.

(via LoudWire)