Coronavirus: Today Is The Day’s U.S. Tour w/ Child Bite POSTPONED

Posted by on March 21, 2020


Today Is The Day was forced to postpone their U.S tour with Child Bite due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Read statements below:

Today Is The Day:

“Hi Everybody,
After careful consideration for my fans, family, bandmates, crew,
and touring partners Child Bite. I’m sad to say that
we must postpone the west coast shows of this tour and return home. This tour has been my favorite tour I’ve ever been on. Meeting all of you at the shows and sharing the Today Is The Day Experience, as One, is something I’ll never forget. We’re hoping that the shows that are
at the end of this tour with Obsessed will still be able to happen. One thing is for sure. I truly love you guys. Please take care of yourselves and try not to worry or fall into panic. Everything is gonna be ok. I’m here for you. Sending love and care to you and your families. All my love to you.


“Hi Everybody,
I made it home this morning. We left Austin, Texas on Saturday. I got everybody home, safe and sound. Thought I was going to fall asleep the last hundred miles driving by myself in the backwoods of Maine. After turning all the lights on in the van, cranking music as loud as I could take it, and pinching my leg super hard every few minutes, I rolled into my place at around 7:30AM this morning. Warm and by the fire right now. Hanna and my sons are doing good and sleeping right now. My dog Abi is thrilled to have me back home. I feel happy as hell about the tour and the 17 Shows that we were lucky enough to get play. Even though we didn’t get to play the remaining dates, it was shaping up to be my favorite tour I’ve ever done. The shows are going to rebooked. My agent and I are just waiting like everyone else to make sure were in the clear from this insane situation we are all dealing with.
A few late night thoughts for those seeking comfort from this storm
Life isn’t always fair. Or right. Or just.
Life’s an ever changing thing. Our Reality that we think we know, is an ever changing thing that we continually adjust to. We just don’t notice it because of the speed of the changes, which are almost always very slow. Now, we’re in a moment where the changes are sped up quite fast. Like a car crash. This can be very disturbing, as we’re not prepared for these lightning quick alterations to our day to day lives.
In time, things will return to normal. Tours will be back on the go. We Will be back to our normal every day lives.I don’t think it will be a long time. Not letting fear get a grip on you, is very important right now. Steady heads and hands are needed to lead the way. Being motivated by fear or the unknown, won’t help. It will throw you off. Staying steady, being still and alert is the way. Getting rest and focusing on the positive things in your life and the future that you want to create will fill the time that you would have spent worrying. I’m here for my family, my friends, my fans, bandmates and crew. They are here for me. There is a really good movie that you could watch if you’re looking for a source of inspiration and feeling down or not knowing what to do right now. It’s called Apocalypto. In it the father of a son, speaks words of wisdom in the face of catastrophic fear, and his message is to not give in to fear. For his son is facing the impossible with everything against him. You’re strong from within and you can adapt and survive. Fear is a cancer and it will rot you from within.
As much as it seems that the present sucks and I wish it could go away. I focus on the things in life that are my inspiration. No one can take away those things. They are my sword and hammer. I hope that the good that will come from this, will be that people realize how much we need each other. We need to be good to one another, and accepting of the differences we have. It’s all fun and games when we’re on the internet taking sides and slamming somebody that we know, we may never see or need in our lives. But, your neighbor, and everyone around you, may be that person, that gives you food, water, shelter, or a helping hand when you may critically need it. This moment in time makes us all mortal.
Today Is The Day to be prepared. To give love and strength to those around you.
I can’t wait to return to tour in a few months. I think of the magical moments during the chaos of the rock and the feeling and the sensation of it all coming together and us all just rocking out to an experience together. Playing these shows and in person meeting many of you that I have talked with on facebook or online, was amazing. There is a new video coming from No Good To Anyone. I’m gonna be working on it and writing and recording the next TITD album demos and an outlaw country record to fill my time until tour resumes. So, this will rock. If I gotta be stuck at home and not on tour. Then goddamnit, I just gonna have to write the most awesome fucking heavy album of all time. Followed by my tribute to my dad, Tillman Austin, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and any other mojo who poured his heart into a sad, sad song.
Take care everybody and love one another. Anything is possible and all you gotta do is not be afraid and make it happen. Make use of this time and turn it into something good.
I hope my late night ramblings bring some of you some comfort. I know a lot of you are by your self. You’re not alone, you have the love of me and my family. Take care of yourself and tomorrow is always a new day.”


Child Bite:

“…and that’s a wrap! 😞
After both Fort Worth & Albuquerque cancelled back-to-back, we were faced with 2 options;
A. Forge on to the west coast, which best-case scenario would’ve been poorly-attended shows / worst-case scenario several more show cancellations, more chances of getting sick, potential quarantine, etc.
B. Cut our losses & postpone the rest of the tour. A 24 hour drive home from Texas VS a 48 hour drive home from California.
Of course we wanted to keep going on, but in the end the reasons to abandon ship vastly outweighed those for staying the course.
Sometimes it’s best to NOT blow off the omens, ya know?
Hopefully everyone understands. We’re sorry to let folks down, we know everybody involved is hurting from this situation financially; our agent Zac, all of the promoters & venue staff, as well as our amazing touring partners Today Is The Day.
The plan is to reschedule this tour later in the year, so stay tuned & stay safe!”

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