New App launched for metal bands to better connect with fans

Posted by on May 7, 2020


A new app has been launched that will help metal bands better reach and connect with their fans. 

Bandbond was created by Dark Tranquillity keyboardist Martin Brändström together with composer Joacim Starander and Swedish metal journalist Mattias Lindeblad after becoming frustrated that only a small percentage of fans who follow a band’s pages organically get that band’s posts in their news feeds. Said Brändström in a statement (reported by Loudwire) “The relationship between a band and its fans is unique and not something you can market like toothpaste or soft drinks.”

The app attempts to circumvent this pay-for-views model adopted by social media sites like Facebook, where only 4%-10% of fans who like a page will actually get posts in their feed without the band paying to reach more people. He continues, “Without sponsoring a post, you will only reach a fraction of your followers. It’s really kind of strange that someone can charge you to reach the fans that actually wants to be reached, and to make you pay for the display of content that you yourself, as a band, has created which generates traffic to their platform.”

Bandbond also aims to consolidate all of a band’s social media feeds into one. Fans that download the app and sign up will be able to see and interact with all of a band’s social media posts in one place, including pages from individual band members, with no money exchanged by anyone.

Brändström feels that with his app, bands can now retake control of their social media presence. “Within the metal scene, we’re used to doing things ourselves. Back in the days when we didn’t get coverage in mainstream media we started our own fanzines, traded tapes all over the world, did local radio shows, etc. In these days, when you’re forced to use social media, it’s strangely harder for bands to reach out than it ever was. Within the passionate metal community, we’ve taken control by ourselves before. Why not do it again?”

Bands can sign up for Bandbond for free by filling out a short form on the app’s website, after which a representative will reach out about adding their profiles. 

Fans can download the Bandbond app on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store for free now.

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