Nails say ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’ in 2016

Posted by on December 1, 2015

After signing with Nuclear Blast in June of 2014, the ball of destruction known as Nails have now announced they’ll be recording a new album starting later this month. Set to enter the studio on December 27th once again with Kurt Ballou (he worked on their previous two records), they’ll begin work on You Will Never Be One Of Us which will come out sometime in the first quarter of 2016.

Said vocalist and guitarist Todd Jones about the new album:

“In fear of sounding redundant of how 97% of these pre-album release descriptions always come off, I won’t try to describe how our new album You Will Never Be One Of Us sounds. What I will tell you is that the same care and the same attention went into this album as our previous albums Unsilent Death and Abandon All Life, and our new album sounds as inspired as either of those two full length recordings.

“Our new record has some new twists and turns that are built off the foundation we laid with our previous albums, as well as a lot of familiarity that you’ve come to expect from Nails. You Will Never Be One Of Us is for us, for our fans, and for anybody else who feels disgusted and fed-up with social-climbing impostors, trying to leech off of anything they’ve ever dedicated themselves to. I can say with 110% certainty: We will not let you down.”

How could Nails ever let us down? “If your favorite Nails material is Unsilent Death, you may not like our new songs,” said Jones in a 2013 interview with Scratch The Surface, “If your favorite Nails material is Abandon All Life, it’ll be right up your alley.”

This will be the first new album from Nails since 2013’s Abandon All Life, though they did release two new songs via Decibel Magazine’s flexi disc series a year ago.

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