Nails unleash two new songs upon the world

Posted by on December 24, 2014

The February 2015 issue of Decibel magazine will contain a two-song flexi disc from Nails. The two new tracks, “Among The Arches of Intolerance,” and, “In Pain,” can be streamed over at the Decibel SoundCloud page.

Nails signed with Nuclear Blast this past summer. Said vocalist/guitarist Todd Jones of the deal:

“Alongside the hate dogs is none other than Monte Conner, building on his work with gods like OBITUARY,DEATH, and SEPULTURA in bringing the extreme underground to the forefront of heavy music. Deep in a Southern California bunker crafting our newest LP, the tyrants offer sincere thanks to their former team at Southern Lord for their commitment to NAILS’ vision. Long live bleak aggression, crushing rage, and audial warfare. Long live NAILS. HATRED AD INFINITUM…”

The band put out Abandon All Life in 2013 on Southern Lord Records to critical acclaim. There’s no word on when they’ll release a third full-length, though according to a late 2013 interview with Scratch The Surface, Jones gave some insight into what it’ll sound like.

“More brutal and unsettling than Abandon All Life. It’s more antisocial sounding and less catchy. If your favorite Nails material is Unsilent Death, you may not like our new songs. If your favorite Nails material is Abandon All Life, it’ll be right up your alley.”

If these two new songs are any indicator, we’re inclined to believe that statement.

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