Mudvayne, Skrape members form Audiotopsy

Posted by on March 26, 2015

Mudvayne members Greg Tribbett (guitars) and Matt McDonough (drums) have formed a new band with former Skrape vocalist Billy Keeton and bassist Perry Stern. The new band is called Auidotopsy, and since it doesn’t seem like Chad Gray is ready to leave Hellyeah anytime soon, it looks like the new band will be around for a while. The band have already completed  their debut album, which will be out this summer, and a label will be named soon. Saying that he’s excited about the new album, Tribbett (who also logged time in Hellyeah) says:

“The music has everything you want in a record…heavy/melodic/atmospheric/big hooky riffs/sing alongs as well. The guys in the band are great and we all feel as if this was meant to happen. Everyone is very artistic and we all felt an energy from our first meeting. We can’t wait for the world to hear AUDIOTOPSY and can’t wait to get out there and tour the world. A/Y IS COMING! I’m Ready To Fuck Shit Up!”

Here’s what Keeton had to say:

“From the first few notes I knew this was going to be killer. The chemistry happening just took over and spawned this sound, this animal. I’m super stoked to get this music out, and to get this band on tour. Let the madness begin.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the band sound like they were frozen in carbon in 2002, or whether they’ll have a newer sound. Guess we’ll find out this summer.

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