Mötley Crüe deny backing tracks for band members on 2022 summer tour

Posted by on May 3, 2023


Mötley Crüe is currently involved in a bitter legal dispute with their former guitarist, Mick Mars. Mars retired from touring with the band late last year but intended to remain a member and participate in studio work and other potential shows. However, the band believed his decision to retire from touring meant he was retiring altogether, which was in line with their existing contract. The contract stated that non-active members would not receive their share of the profits from touring and similar activities.

Mars disagrees with this interpretation and intends to keep his 25% share of the band’s revenue, including a portion of their 2023 tour, despite not being part of it. The group offered him a settlement that would have given him up to 7.5% of the profits from this year’s tour, but Mars refused as it did not extend beyond that.

The band has now taken legal action to resolve the matter through arbitration, but Mars has also countersued. He is seeking access to the band’s books and claiming that he was unaware of several of the group’s related business entities. In addition, he alleges that the band relied heavily on backing tracks during their 2022 summer tour.

Mars specifically insinuated bassist Nikki Sixx did not play any notes on the tour and relied solely on backing tracks. The band’s manager, Allen Kovac, disputes these claims and confirms Sixx’s bass playing and Tommy Lee’s drumming were live. However, they did admit to using augmented vocal tracks to enhance the live sound. The band also accused Mars of repeatedly botching his performances during the 2022 summer tour.
Recently, a fan commented on a video of footage from last year’s tour, alleging that the band used backing tracks during the performance. The band vehemently denied these allegations and called the fan a “fucking clown.”

Advocates of Mars’ assertions have cited a recording from a performance in Kansas City, where a cymbal count-in is audible even though Tommy Lee had not yet assumed his proper position behind the drum set.



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