Mortician logo ripped off by fashion company

Posted by on March 21, 2016

mortician rip off squareSociety has always seen metalheads’ imagery as shocking or aggressive looking as you probably noticed from that elderly couple when they gave you nasty looks at the mall for wearing that Putrid Pile shirt. The thing is that there is another side of society that crave that rebellious look and try to use it in their industry to create “variety” and appeal to those wanting something more daring or morbid, and that’s the fashion industry.

Roger Beaujard, guitarist of the New York death metal band Mortician, was made aware of a fashion company, Avalone, using the band’s classic logo in their latest Winter/Fall collection without their permission and he was not too thrilled about it but still isn’t losing any sleep over it. Beaujard commented:

Do I think it’s ridiculous? Yes I do. Am I fuming mad? Not really. It’s kinda funny. Am I considering a lawsuit? Maybe. Probably not. Do I think this hurts our brand? Hard to tell. Am I concerned that some douche bag spoiled rich millennial kid is “pretending” to be “tough” by wearing a cheap rip off of our logo on his overpriced rags masquerading as fashion? Not really.

This isn’t the first time Mortician’s logo has been copied and used without their permission based on the headline of Beaujard’s post. We have also seen other fashion companies using metal imagery like rapper and women beater Chris Brown who was seen sporting a jacket covered in patches from bands like D.R.I., Municipal Waste, Excel, without having a clue of who they were; or Kanye West wearing those ridiculous sweatpants that sorta resembled to metal logo but it really wasn’t.

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