Mimi Barks signs with Century Media Records

Posted by on August 26, 2020


London based trap metal artist Mimi Barks has signed with Century media records. To celebrate the signing, the artist will release a brand new song, “Back Off,” on September 4th. Mimi has relocated to London and released her debut solo EP, Enter the Void, in 2019. Now, she’s ready to start her Century Media journey continuing to blend genres.



Barks comments:

“To be honest, I never wanted to work with a label. Experiences got me thinking they are all crooks. I hate that sassy, know-it-all industry attitude. Tryna enforce their idea of what an artist should look like and deliver musically, making sure it fits right into the charts zeitgeist. I got the feeling Century Media sees artists and they work with them because they actually fuck with their music, not coz they see potential to mold that person to their liking. If they wouldn’t fuck with the music, they wouldn’t team up. Straight forward and no shit talk. I trust that they won’t interfere, but execute my vision. Eventually they got me when we were on a night out in Berlin, getting lit till 5AM/6AM, when on our way home they were like, ‘Why we going home? I’d love to go on a rave right now’. It’s a match.”


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