Miley Cyrus working on a Metallica covers album

Posted by on October 21, 2020


Miley Cyrus has been keeping herself busy this year. With her new album, She Is Miley Cyrus, expected to arrive sometime next month along with her new video “Midnight Sky” released this past August, the pop star has more music in the works. In an interview with Interview Magazine, Cyrus mentioned that she’s been spending some time working on a Metallica covers album during the COVID-19 pandemic.


She explained:

“We’ve been working on a Metallica cover album and I’m here working on that. We’re so lucky to be able to continue to work on our art during all of this. At first, it felt uninspiring and now I’ve been totally ignited.”


It’s not much of a surprise that the artist is working on a covers album as she’s covered The Cranberries, Nine Inch Nails, and just last year, she covered Metallica.


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