Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently spoke with Forbes discussing a handful of topics, from the return to stadiums after sixteen years to admiring bands who still rock out in their seventies from acts including The Who, Paul McCartney, and The Rolling Stones.

Later in the conversation, Ulrich was hypothetically asked, if he had to watch Metallica perform from the audience, who would he prefer to see on drums.

He replied:

“That would probably have to be Phil Rudd from AC/DC. If I could hear Phil Rudd play “Enter Sandman” or something like that in his pocket, his groove, that would be awesome.”

Later, Forbes asked the drummer on what his favorite show is:

“I see a lot of rock shows cause I love going to rock shows. I saw the Foo Fighters in Glastonbury two weeks ago, I’ve never seen the Foo Fighters in a festival setting before. It was unbelievable how the band and the audience connected and Dave Grohl is just a master of connecting a band with an audience. I thought it was incredible. I see a lot of rock shows, but that was a week ago. That’s the recent best show I’ve seen.”

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