Lisa Holt, the wife of Slayer guitarist Gary Holt, has shared a few words following yesterday’s (21st) announcement on the group’s decision to reunite for select festival appearances booked for Riot Fest and Louder Than Life thus far. The reunion comes five years after Slayer concluded their “farewell” tour in 2019. 

Following the news of Slayer’s return, Lisa Holt took to Facebook to set the record straight for the naysayers: 

“Yes, it’s true..and an exciting adventure for the band and fans! To all the people saying ‘they are liars’ ‘they must have ran out of money’ ‘its not Slayer without so and so’ ..I have an idea for you all…DON’T GO.. and for all the people who did go to the final tour dates and enjoyed it…awesome!!

This isn’t a ‘TOUR’ it’s some dates..and GREAT NEWS!!!” she added. “And everyone that thinks they know all the inside can’t possibly know. so just enjoy the fact that this amazing band will play some amazing shows this year…go or don’t..nobody cares!!!!!”