linkinIt’s hard to believe, but it’s been 14 years since Linkin Park ushered in an era of commercial nu-metal with their 10 million-selling debut, Hybrid Theory. And for their forthcoming sixth album, The Hunting Party, the band are going back to their roots. Of course, those roots probably have frosted tips, but those that have heard the first single, “Guilty All the Same,” have at least acknowledged that it’s a little riffier than some of their past material. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Shinoda acknowledges his influences, and owns the fact that he isn’t going to be playing anything super heavy.

“I’m very aware that there are super, super heavy bands out there that make music that is really, really gnarly.” He laughs. “We didn’t make a Botch record. We didn’t make a Meshuggah record. We made a really loud and aggressive Linkin Park record, maybe the loudest we’ve made.”

Wow. If Linkin Park got djenty, it wouldn’t be too surprising, but it is pretty bizarre to hear a multi-platinum band even mention those bands. To that end, the band has lined up some all-star guests that look back to some of those influences. System of a Down’s Daron Malakian appears on a song called “Rebellion” and Helmet’s Page Hamilton sings on the track “All For Nothing.” And Shinoda also mentions Refused, At the Drive In, Inside Out and Gorilla Biscuits as bands that helped inform the sound of the new album.