Linkin Park and Sublime have misunderstanding over pot

Posted by on May 28, 2014

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It’s not quite metal news, but it’s worth writing about nonetheless. So, the story goes that at the KFMA Day festival in Tuscon, Arizona, Linkin Park and Sublime, nowadays known as Sublime with Rome, got into what appears to be a misunderstanding over a girl named Mary Jane. Reportedly, Rome Ramirez of Sublime was looking to light up backstage, but unfortunately ended up having the weed confiscated. A series of Twitter posts from Ramirez and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda detail what transpired. Ramirez first gave his side of the story and came up with a brilliant play on words in the process:


Shinoda then responded:



A report from TMZ states that what apparently happened was that a member of Linkin Park’s security complained about the smoke to an off-duty cop, which resulted in the drugs being confiscated. So it was indeed a big misunderstanding, but at least we have a new term for when a band snitches on another band for drug use.


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