KoRn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch was surprised when he found out Islander were kicked off from Vans Warped tour. During the group’s first scheduled performance on July 1st in Denver, CO, frontman Mikey Carvajal accidentally damaged the drum kit they were using which ultimately resulted in their removal. When Welch heard the news, he shared the following response:

“Band gets kicked off Alt/punk/hard core tour for being too wild? Not even a warning? That’s what Vans Warped Tour has been all about for decades! L A M E “


Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman noticed the guitarist’s statement and responded to him via Twitter:

“I would ask Brian “Head” Welch, if an opening act trashed Korn’s gear on stage, how long they would be kept on the tour? Just wondering.”

This of course ended with Welch clarifying he wasn’t placing blame on Lyman:

“No offense, wasn’t blaming you… didn’t even know if Warped kicked em off, or the stage sponsor. I see your point, but still respectfully disagree w/outcome.@VansWarpedTour bands are chaotic, there should have been back up gear LOL Thanks for all the years!

Meanwhile, Islander has moved on from their early dismissal and decided to record a new music video for their new song, “My Friends” instead.

[via ThePrp]